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To Have Or Not To Have A Patio Cover In Granite Bay CA

Patio Cover Granite Bay, CA

Do you live in the Granite Bay CA area and have a patio on your property? Is it protected by a patio cover? If not, you may want to consider having one installed by a professional patio cover installation service in Granite Bay, CA. If you are asking yourself if having a patio cover is worth it or not, the short answer is absolutely yes.

Patio covers not only look great and add value to your property, they can help keep your patio protected as well. During the summer, patio covers can protect your property from the sun, provide shade to keep your area cooler, and act as a barrier between your patio and the elements during the winter.

Instead of asking yourself if you should invest in a patio cover in Granite Bay, the better question is: which type of patio cover should you choose. Some of your options include:


Pergolas, also known as arbors, are the most common choice for patio covers in Granite Bay. A pergola is a series of pillars that are used to support lattice beams as a roof. With an open-air design, pergolas allow airflow keeping your area cool but they can also help reduce the amount of sunlight that glares onto your patio. There are many pergola options available depending on your style and budget including wood pergolas, stone, or even brick pillars. They are often decorated with natural plants and vines to add a unique touch of nature to your outdoor appeal.


Gazebos are an excellent option if you want a patio cover that provides a private, secluded area on your patio. They are great options if you have a large patio that you want to split up into different areas that are well defined. Most gazebos have open sides, a roof to protect your patio, and many include their own floor. With many shapes and designs to choose from, from round gazebos to polygons and standard square options, you can have a gazebo installed on your Granite Bay CA home to match your style.


Canopies are similar to gazebos in the amount of patio coverage that you receive. They have a top that comes in multiple styles but they often do not have sidewalls. The most common type of canopy for patio cover usage is a tent-style model. These canopies have a tent pole in the center and utilize ropes to tighten the fabric that creates the roof.


Awnings are a type of secondary cover for your patio that is attached to your home. There are multiple types of fabrics for awnings including vinyl, cotton, and polyester that utilize different types of awning frames such as wood or various metals. While many Granite Bay, CA awnings are fabric awnings, an aluminum awning may provide better protection from nature during the winter or when there are high winds.

If you are interested in having patio covers installed on your property in Granite Bay, CA, get in touch with Sierra SunScreens and Patio Covers today. You can give us a call at 916-635-9706 or 916-638-9800 or click here to receive a free quote online. With 3 decades of experience installing and maintaining patio covers in Granite Bay, CA, Sierra SunScreens and Patio Covers is a leading supplier for all of your needs.

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