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5 Patio Cover Types to Shade Your Roseville, CA Home

It gets hot during summer in Roseville, CA. That is why patio covers and outdoor shade are so important. When the house is shaded properly, there is a significant reduction in the energy bills for air conditioning.
Even in the cooler winters, patio covers provide some protection from the cold for outdoor hanging plants and plants in pots. It usually doesn’t get down to freezing very often in Roseville, CA, but it does have an average low temperature in January of 33°F, which is just one degree from freezing. Just move outdoor potted plants closer to the house and under the patio cover, for less exposure to the elements.

There are many beautiful choices for patio covers that make a Roseville, CA home more attractive and more valuable. A house without a patio cover just seems like something is missing.

Here are some of the most popular choices for patios covers:

Aluminum is favored because it never needs painting. There is no possibility of dry rot or termite infestation. Aluminum patio covers do not warp, resist cracking, and will not catch on fire.
The optional choices include single-skin versus double-skinned. A double-skinned patio cover provides a place to run electrical wiring between the top skin and the bottom one. This is necessary to install outdoor fans, misters, lighting, and outlets. There are also the choices between solid or lattice styles and even a combination. This flexible configuration creates different amounts of shade in different areas of your Roseville, CA home.

A pergola may attach to the house or be a stand-alone structure out in the backyard. One of the most popular uses for pergolas is to create a comfortable area to sit outside at a table. A pergola can also create an arbor. In Roseville, California, some people like to grow grapes, kiwi, or flowering vines up the post and across the roof of a pergola. Another wonderful use is to create a shaded exterior space for yoga exercise and meditation. Usually, a pergola is a simple structure with an open-framed roof. The beauty is in their simplicity and how quickly they are constructed. Nevertheless, some pergolas can be very elaborate with a curved structure and lots of latticework.

Sunshade Sails
Sunshade sails create a contemporary look for your Roseville, CA home. They come in various shapes such as rectangular, triangular, and trapezoidal. They can be used as a single sunshade sail or in combination with others. One exquisite design is if one or more sunshade sail flies over the top of another one at different angles and heights, creating a layered effect that draws the eyes upward to the beautiful blue sky above your Roseville, CA home.

This is the familiar crisscross pattern. It goes on walls to give a place for climbing vines to attach as they climb. It is also used as a decorative element as part of a patio cover roof at a Roseville, CA home.
Retractable Awning
Push a button or turn a hand crank and out the awing goes to provide instant shade. When finished using the shaded area, reverse the process. The advantage of a retractable awning system is the fabric lasts longer if not exposed to sunshine when not in use.

Sun is wonderful, shade is comfortable, and the right combination of sun and shade is delightful. Of all these choices, it is possible to find a design that is just right for the perfect backyard experience at your Roseville, CA home.

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