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Benefits of a Patio Sunscreen for your Sacramento Home

It’s hot in Sacramento, with temperatures reaching as high as 100 degrees or more. This scorching heat can limit outdoor activities, but with the addition of a sun room or patio sunscreen, outdoor living at your Sacramento home can become a comfortable experience as well as add more functional living space to your home. In addition to weather conditions, there are other benefits to having a sun room or patio sunscreen.
Patio sunscreens are motorized or manual shades that come down from a patio overhang. Sunscreens can also be customized if a home doesn’t already have a patio structure.
Patio sunscreens protect your home as well as reduce cost of energy. When you install patio sunscreens in your Sacramento home’s backyard, you can prevent discoloration of your drapes, furniture, carpet and fixtures. Having patio sunscreens also keep out glare and harmful ultraviolet rays, yet it allows the cool breeze to flow through your home. Utilizing a patio sunscreen in your backyard can reduce your air conditioning costs by as much as 30% and cool your home by as much as 15 degrees. Conserving this air conditioning expense allows patio sunscreens to often pay for themselves in two to four years.
One of the most important advantages of having a patio sunscreen is that they allow sunlight in without the glare of the sun and without darkening the room.
Additional advantages of a patio sunscreen include:
• Sunscreens can be custom fit, sized and designed around your Sacramento home. Sunscreens can extend from an existing part of the house, or a customized structure can be designed to best meet your Sacramento home’s needs.
• Sunscreens are also beneficial during the Sacramento winter. Sacramento winters are not as cold as the weather in the Midwest or Northern states, but sunscreens act as an extra buffer to keep out the draft. This makes using the sun room in your Sacramento home more possible during the winter months.
• Patio sunscreens don’t bubble, peel or scratch easily. Sunscreens are made to last through different weather conditions and are specifically designed to be durable and long lasting.
• Patio sunscreens can increase the value of your Sacramento home. Future buyers of your Sacramento home will not have to install patio sunscreens because they are already in place. They are also known to make a dwelling more attractive, and having them can also increase the buying price.
• Using patio sunscreens in your Sacramento home reduces maintenance costs. Dirt doesn’t show up as much when patio sun screens are installed. Therefore, they reduce the need for window washing. Sunscreens can also protect your furniture from fading or other damage caused by outdoor elements.
• Patio sunscreens increase your privacy in your Sacramento home. In a similar way as tinting, homeowners can see out but people cannot see in.
• Patio sunscreens are versatile. You can pull your patio sunscreens up or lower them down to accommodate your outdoor living needs.
Patio sunscreens in Sacramento homes come in a variety of colors and styles and depending on materials can last for at least 15 years.

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