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Design and Decor Ideas for Your Sunroom at Your Roseville Home

Popular choices for creating a nice outdoor or indoor/outdoor combination space in your Roseville, CA home are sunscreens, patio covers, and sunrooms. Sunrooms are the most fun, especially decorating them in a style that is beautiful, comfortable, and enjoyable. Sunrooms may also connect to outdoor patio covers to make the transition space between the inside and outside of your Roseville, CA home the perfect design for parties.

There are many attractive styles to choose from that follow basic themes. When choosing how to decorate a sunroom in your Roseville, CA home, here are some tips for décor and themes:

Let’s Go to the Beach!
Beach, seaside, and nautical themes are popular, especially when the locations are far from the ocean like Roseville, CA. These sunrooms are fun and cheerful. The colors selected are in the pastel range, such as light blue, turquoise, sea foam green, and sand-colored tan.

Décor items include:

  • sea shells, starfish, coral, statues of sea birds
  • paintings of ocean scenes, beach scenes, sailboats, beach sunsets
  • photos taken underwater of beautiful coral reefs full of colorful tropical fish
  • for nautical styles – model ships, a real ship’s wheel, fishing nets, an anchor, mounted fish
  • rattan furniture and rattan over head fans, a hammock, coconut shells
  • indoor palms, tropical flowering plants
  • a really fun idea that kids love is when the floor is covered with real ocean beach sand or there is a sand box with beach toys

Opulence and Elegance
This style is vibrant and at the same time exquisite. Everything selected shows refined taste. The style for this room will impress any guest that comes for a visit at your Roseville, CA home. This style of really fancy sunrooms get the new name of “conservatory.” A conservatory is larger, with lots of glass, and may have an elaborate peaked roof. Conservatory style is influenced by Victorian England.

Décor items include:

  • antiques, expensive-looking artwork
  • marble statues and marble fountains, bronze sculptures
  • roses, rare orchids
  • crystal chandeliers
  • teak or mahogany wood furniture
  • conservatory style – tea sets, furniture with flower prints, elaborate dining tables set with fine china, silverware and crystal goblets

Natural Eco-Climate
This style uses an abundance of plants to simulate the feeling one might get in the rain forest in your Roseville, CA home. There are plenty of water features and perhaps live birds in cages chirping away. Some even have dirt floors for the process of “grounding.” Grounding is walking barefoot on real earth, which is good for the health.

Décor items include:

  • fish ponds, waterfalls,
  • indoor swimming pools, relaxation tubs, Jacuzzis
  • vibrant tropical plants, palms, air ferns, and lots of green indoor plants
  • birds, real butterflies, tanks of tropical fish

The traditional style is all about simplicity and comfort in your Roseville, CA home. This type of sunroom encourages everyone to sit back, relax, listen to music, read a book, and have a break from a stressful day.

Décor items include:

  • big soft sofas with huge throw pillows
  • beautiful throw rugs
  • attractive artwork
  • window drapes

No matter what style you choose for your sunroom in your Roseville, CA home, if you make good design choices along a theme you really like, it will be a wonderful place to sit back, relax and enjoy your day.


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