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4 Reasons You’ll Enjoy Your Sunroom at Your Sacramento Home

4 Reasons You’ll Enjoy Your Sunroom at Your Sacramento Home

A sunroom is a special place in your Sacramento home. They can be very simple or they can be elaborate, depending on a person’s tastes. The main elements that make a Sacramento home’s sunroom great, are comfort, relaxation, and lots of wonderful sunlight pouring through the glass.

Construction costs of sunrooms in Sacramento homes are usually less than a completely finished interior room. Typically, a sunroom has a natural ambient temperature. It does not connect to the HVAC system of the rest of the house. Ceiling fans and open windows provide ventilation.

Some sunroom designs have the intention of seasonal use for times in Sacramento during the winter months when the warmth of sitting in the sun is desirable. Other sunrooms serve as magnificent indoor garden areas that are delightful all year long.

There are many wonderful reasons to have a sunroom.

Sunrooms Increase Home Value
When a luxury Sacramento home has a sunroom, it increases the “wow” factor. Even modest Sacramento homes benefit from the extra enjoyable space created by sunrooms. Having a sunroom makes the home feel more spacious and special. Patio covers with sunscreens are also a nice addition that makes a simple sunroom. Screen covers keep the insects out, allowing enjoyment of the semi-outside spaces.

Transitional Space
Sunrooms are not completely inside. They are also not completely outside. They have a warm feeling that is different from being inside the house and yet, sitting in a sunroom is not the same as being outside with exposure to all the elements.

A clever design for a sunroom is to allow it to serve as a transitional space between the Sacramento house and the backyard. Using big French doors to exit the sunroom towards the backyard allows the sunroom to double as a veranda. These designs allow people to pass through the sunroom and then go outside.

Having a sunroom allows the creation of a microclimate. The design of this type of sunroom supports indoor plants. One example is growing orchids. Orchids are very delicate and do not do well when grown outside, especially in Sacramento. They need a warm, but not hot, humid environment to thrive. These garden-type sunrooms are attractive with stunningly beautiful indoor plants. Even spectacular vertical gardens covering an entire wall and cascading waterfalls are possible.

Whether the sunroom design uses comfortable furniture, serves as a home office, adds extra dining space for large dinner parties, or houses an extraordinary indoor garden, the best sunrooms have one thing in common; they all create wonderful memories. These memories might be, sitting with grandma, having tea with friends, taking care of prize orchids, or meditating to the sound of an indoor waterfall. These are the characteristics of a great Sacramento sunroom experience. Sunrooms are as special as the person having the experience.
Construction of a sunroom is exciting. Wonderful individual expression is possible in sunroom designs. Everyone has different tastes and needs, however, when done properly, the sunroom becomes one of the favorite rooms in a Sacramento home.



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